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Benghazigate: The state of the story

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United States
10/29/2012 04:35 PM
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Benghazigate: The state of the story
Why would Obama and Biden do such a thing? Because to launch a military operation against an al-Qaeda affiliate on the anniversary of 9/11 would have exposed the hollowness of their boast through convention week and the days thereafter — that Osama was dead and al-Qaeda was finished. And so Ty Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Chris Stevens were left to die, and a decision taken to blame an entirely irrelevant video and, as Secretary Clinton threatened, “have that person arrested.” And, in the weeks that followed, the government of the United States lied to its own citizens as thoroughly and energetically as any totalitarian state, complete with the midnight knock on the door from not-so-secret policemen sent to haul the designated fall-guy into custody.

[link to www.powerlineblog.com]

This story is not over, not by a long shot. Hopefully, we'll have some top brass verify this story. The ones that won't will be whores to their pension.
When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you--You know your nation is doomed.
Ayn Rand