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Message Subject Lightworkers I need advice on crystals...
Poster Handle thecelticcat
Post Content
Speaking of Crystals/Gems, I have a feeling and had this feeling in the past, that they need constant cleaning/charging... especially when used in healing, for example Reiki...
I've talked to ppl that said they crack, color changes, they shatter or fall off. I've had crystals in the past, but seem like they get drained rather quickly, especially being around ppl with bad energy. They don't feel the same as they did when I bought them at first.
I think Sunlight is the best way to cleanse them, in my opinion. Burying them in the earth for 3 days I read and did that too, years ago.....
What about covering them in sea salt? or putting them in salt water overnight in a glass? I read recently that wind can clean them too.
Anybody want to share what works best for them?
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