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Message Subject Lightworkers I need advice on crystals...
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
Post Content
Is there any crystals or gem stones that can detach entities from my aura? What is recommended?
 Quoting: thecelticcat

I'm sorry but if that is the case you need more than gem stones.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25627574

I'm wondering if there's still a cord to my ex, because he was draining me and the connection was very strong.
See, I used to be a love addict, always had a boyfriend and they were all very attractive...then got in a car accident, broke my ankle, was on crutches and gained a lot of weight, from depression and anxiety and meds... for several years was single and got used to it. Then this guy comes out from out of the blue and I fell in love again. He was the wrong one to fall in love with. Had such a hard time letting go, off and on, putting up with a lot of crap, to feel loved. Now I feel like I'm withdrawing from this 'love drug'. I was surely a love addict. I think I'm still attached to my ex cuz I think about him every day and night still and am hurt and angry, still.
 Quoting: thecelticcat

Give it time and those lingering negative feelings will fade away when you are ready to part ways with them. Consciously acknowledge those feelings & emotions, and release them. The pain & discomfort comes from having to confront that emotional energy stored up inside and to work through it consciously. All part of the process. If I had to guess I would say that your feelings are not likely to be a reflection of your attachment to your ex (or any specific individual), but a reflection of how you have felt about yourself within, and the cumulative effect of all your romantic relationships in your lifetime. This Ex is just symbolic of those deeper emotions because he's the most recent in your memory of experiences. I get the sense that you are well on your way to learning to love & accept yourself, absent the need of external affirmation from another. It's a gradual process and no easy task but well worth the effort and hard work. Keep at it. : )

That's just my impression, if I'm off base I apologize in advance.

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