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Message Subject Lightworkers I need advice on crystals...
Poster Handle thecelticcat
Post Content
I don't know why this thread only got two stars.

It's nice to talk about what works, because there is misinformation out there, and the only way to know about something is dealing with it, hands on and experiencing it, in my opinion. I don't mind answering questions and sharing and I like to learn from others. I know someone that put a rose quartz in a plant and it grew at an enormous speed! Shocked her! I was WEARING A ROSE QUARTZ, long time ago, around my neck, and I was talking to this woman, holding a baby, and the baby reached out to grab my rose quartz! Yep, true what they say, babies are intuitive! She must have LOVED the energy coming from it.

Is it me or are crystals like batteries and can only be cleaned/recharged, so many times and after years go by, just get worn out and can't be used in healing or protection or anything else besides being something nice to wear or look at? 1dunno1
Just wanted to add that.

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