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Message Subject Lightworkers I need advice on crystals...
Poster Handle thecelticcat
Post Content
Don'y know about stones but I have noticed that parasite cleanses can detach anything visible or invisible. I have also noticed they can also be good for depression that comes in cycles. Apparently in the life cycle of a parasite-as it dies it gives off a nerve toxin that some are sensitive to,

It can be as simple as doing a search on Black Walnut Wormwood and Cloves or Humaworm.

Sometimes when there are parasite the aura is an Indigo blue. Some people have resolved Indigo kid issues with simple worming.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26377294

Indigo colored auras indicate someone that is alert, spiritual, innovative, connected with their inner knowing, intuitive and other good things. I can't remember them all. Google color indigo in an aura. It's a very good sign. Where in the world did you read/hear about parasites having anything to do with an indigo blue aura?! 1rof1
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