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Message Subject Weather Radar picking up an anomoly above Jackson KY RIGHT NOW. UFO?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
HAARP frequency? Ok, I read the Wiki on HAARP. Did a little research and have only pulled up disturbing correlations.

For instance, the last time these same things was seen on radar it was on March 1, and 2nd of this last year. Shortly following, the worst tornado outbreak in the history of KY leveled two towns. West Liberty, and Salyersville.

Here they are again. We have been warned to brace for a possible severe winter storm. But what else could happen? There is a fault line through here. Is it connected?

Seriously though, I'm not in the loop with the HAARP thing. What is the deal? And is this what we are seeing over Jackson and Charleston?

It's still there. Been a little over 9 hours now since its arrival.
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