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A Shit Storm is Brewing

Squatch Hunter
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10/29/2012 06:26 PM
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A Shit Storm is Brewing
It should be pretty clear by now that zero has openly Lied to the American people & caused the death of a US Ambassador & former Navy Seals. The Liberal media is in his back pocket and is resisting every effort to blow this story sky high. If they did their jobs this election would be over in 2 days.

This is where the problem begins. Conservative media is currently releasing bombshell after bombshell EVERY DAY to expose this story PRIOR to the election. Regardless of their motivations, its their duty. And we have the right as Americans to know the truth.

BUT...What happens if zero wins this election because the news couldn't get out fast enough and far enough? So much has already been released that many many people will demand a Full On Congressional Investigation. With everything that we know NOW, zero will have to be impeached. Hell, even the 4 Star General he fired is calling him a LIAR. That's not small stuff people. If zero really fired this guy and had him arrested because he wanted to DEFY orders and send help, zero is not getting out of that one scott free.

Just imagine for a moment, the racial divide in America coupled with hate between the parties and having to impeach a newly elected President! Especially this one. Talk about a recipe for disaster. Talk about a shit storm!

We're looking at troubled days ahead. No matter what happens.