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Message Subject Matrix News Updates, 2012
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
SUBJECT: WHY 2012 and AND how is this MATRIX reality created.

EXAMPLE how they created this really I will explain.

THE AMNNUAKI had a DEVICE which they use to create a BLOCK of time. They used it every time to when they needed to restart the TIME. (REFRESHING it certain amount of years)

WHEN using your Computer to create a VIDOE it ask you have much MB you want us, so it allocates that Block for you to make a MOVIE or to RECORD your Images.
It is the same as a Computer, when you start it up it creates all these temporary files, and also CACHE memory (Astral realm). For it to WORK a amount of TIME.

OK so you UNDERSTAND this PART, now you start the Process of Filming which is OUR current LIFE as Human Beings in this Consciousness in this MATRIX
Or reality which runs Linear because of TIME and SPACE.

But you have to remember they must keep checking that we donít reach the BLOCK END, so they do Remote Viewing, and TIME TRAVEL to go check what is going on in the FUTURE, so they know WHAT to TO DO to get it the WAY they wanted us to REACT to their STORIES, like the BIBLE, or WARS, or thing to keep us in the DARK.

So you do understand that this ILLUSION is a BLOCK of TIME reality we LIVE in, and are experiencing LIFE as they want us to go threw, we DONíT have any FREE WILL, because Everything they do is to HARM us.

Thatís why the 2012 TIME was Given because they had to restart the TIME in 2008, but was STOPPED of doing by Some Spiritual Light Beings to stop their Plans have DISABLED the DEVICE.

The problem is because they have NOT Restarted the TIME Machine, their GRID Structure using NEGATIVE Energy, will collapse or implode.

Again I will explain: As a Computer you need to REBOOT it because it will start doing strange things, running slower and all those effects because of the conditions of having it on for a LONG ON. And also the cache memory will not be working fast because of the Indexes point.

Well with these reality itís the same, it also needed to be restarted. Simple as that. THEY had to also keep this TECHNOLOGY up and running to be able to keep us in control in this GRID of their ILLUSION.

BUT after 2012 They cannot see what is going to happen, because the GRID is going to be REPLACED with new SPIRITUAL ENERGY, and they also now that.
Thatís why we are GIVEN this DATE, threw the MAYAN, which they have traveled back, to give them their LIES also.

THE PROBLEM is their this SHOW us that they have NO WHERE to GO, and UNDERSTAND also that they cannot TIME TRAVEL in FUTURE any MORE, because THERE is no MORE TME
Ahead. SO they KNOW they have to LEAVE because it will COLLAPSE with them inside they THINK.

SOLUTION: Their Grid is being replaced with new SPIRITUAL ENERGIES, and all the SYSTEMS which are not NEEDED will be replaced by new Positive Systems.
Now the things have changed because they are know stuck in a DIFFERENT situation which they them self had not Predicted.

Its not THEIR ENERGY they would LOVE to have, but is now their TIME to UNDERSTAND what they have done, you do to your SELF.

THEY ARE in FEAR because they donít know how to LEAVE, or what to do. SO we must stay united, and keep informing each other the TRUTH.

As we get emerged in the New ENERGIES, all those Negative Thoughts, Emotions, events, will surface we need to let all that go. Because it has no meaning to keep it.
Its just Illusion, and that was all the FEAR that was INPOSED on us all.
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