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Message Subject Matrix News Updates, 2012
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The mobs always choose Barabbas, the town drunkard...

And the Christ is sentenced to death...

But why do the mobs choose ignorance? Was it a fair choice?

Perhaps we are experiencing the reality of when truths are manipulated, and choices are rigged...

Maybe the illusion is that we have any roots in the manipulations, like a temporary phase to see what it's like, still a very long time, but the drama is impermanent and fleeting, the layer upon the organic, the layer of manipulation and illusion, it reveals its frailty by the way it must work so hard to evolve - because it is imperfect - cannot achieve 100% control - always scrambling to develop new ways to keep the illusion going, new ways to feed off the organic - new ways to usurp credit for creation of all things - new mental games where the least investment of effort results in the most devotion - so we may enslave ourselves and hand ourselves over willingly...

But again, it has always been an illusory drama, none can be enslaved forever - our roots are not in the illusion - so as impermanence dissolves the surrounding illusion, we remain - they still have yet to ever achieve 100% - and now it is almost over - it can never again be what it was - and even in the ideal circumstances they have fallen short...

Though truly, we have all fallen short in some respects, but the true "grace of god" is that we have always been forgiven - we would always have love and we would always return - never a matter of "if" but a matter of "when"...

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12566526

bless you in the name of the Universal Creator, the Cosmic father, mother Earth and the One

omega point approaches

prepare the heart and mind

monitor thoughts

the shift approaches

 Quoting: jacksprat

Word up Jack!

And thank you for the kindness :)

Reality is an open book, the nature of nature is as we see it, complete with horrible shit and overwhelming love and beauty.

No matter what happens on 2012, the control system can never be what it was, our path is the same, the answers are the same, the results are the same...

The reality of life, is so full on, total, beyond chasing after ascension, beyond the local dramas, all encompassing, it is open before us - for those with eyes to see.

Many of us are unwilling to look at ourselves and our world with a completely honest and objective eye, not the priests, not the scientists, not the scholars, only those few sages - we can tell how small the proportion is of those who "get it" because those few have either been deified, made intangible, or done away with altogether - but how else would it be if we are truly including everything?

This is the nature of nature, at a certain point things become crystal clear - or at least as clear as it can get down here, sheesh! Lol...

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