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Message Subject Matrix News Updates, 2012
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Demiurge will be placed back under the reign of Logos. When we cease to continually inflate the Matrix Control System with our ignorant participation in it, when we instead shift the fulcrum of our consciousness toward the “Waking World” or the “Kingdom of Heaven” as Jesus called it, that is when the old world as we know it will collapse in upon itself.

It’s already happening to some degree. This will happen in synchrony with a lifting of the quarantine, the return of the Etheric Tide, the dissolution of linear time, and the visible breaching of alien activities into our consensus reality.

In the meantime, as we finish out the second phase, we must continue being true to our higher and nobler qualities. We have to be mindful of what originates from our lower nature versus higher nature and distinguish between them so that we can consistently choose the latter.

This will “tide” us over until divine grace or some cosmic shift grants us etheric activation and spiritual transcendence that currently seem beyond practical reach.

This is recommended reading!

[link to montalk.net]

Lets stop being blind.
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Thread: We must cease to continually inflate the Matrix Control System
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