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Message Subject Matrix News Updates, 2012
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why would such an effort exist, to spoil the human children?

As to present flesh and blood eaters - self-betraying idiots - disrespectful - inconsiderate - devouring our own nature, then... to be molded according a self-consuming model without choice, at cost of survival...

Such a self-devouring model would seem to be on the "to-do list" of evolution...

To get the points, understand the energetic exchanges - then move-on to a new stage of evolution - seems to stand-out as a major theme with all of this taken into consideration...

Will nature loop the same dead-ends for much longer? Whether anything happens in the next few months or not? How much longer will nature select these same themes?

There doesn't seem to be any getting around the bigger picture, the bigger influences - we can only keep our heads in the sand for so long, there are influences which impact reality more than ourselves - and push will come to shove as it will naturally play out - and when reality changes around us - humans will not be in control - and we adapt to the new environment...

There's no getting around adapting to a new reality, a new environment - eventually as different as dinosaurs were to humans, modern humans will be the new dinosaurs - whether in a few months, a few years or another century, the outcome will play out and change will be the constant as usual...

Even 5 years from now will be completely different...

And hopefully we will strip away what drags us down thumbs
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