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Message Subject Matrix News Updates, 2012
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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sambucoll tell us how to prepare.how much food should we stock and what will be the tsunami height.I live 250m above sea level and in 12 can reach the himalaya mountains.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28422952

The moons influence is to be totally switched off and removed by december 21st. Just as the mayans and pyramid structures on this earth predicted.

We have managed beyond the point now, where they will not put the 3 moons into play. This possibility in the realm that you are in now, is gone.

That means beyond the threshold of where it could be easily be changed collectively.

This is a hard and difficult concept to explain and understand without understanding of time, and dimensional energies and how collectively things operate.

I would just like to state that at this current time. The moon in the sky you are seeing, is now an electric holographic representation of the moon. This is just to keep the present order of things.

If you could see the real moon by now, it would be totally blood red. And it would be moving in places on the sky that would be enough to cause chaos on earth that at this time would disrupt the flow of things. So it's visibility has been entirely cloaked from view and it's it's place an electrical representation that is not actually the moon.

This does not mean the moon is not present still. It just means it's getting into an area now where it's too unstable to function as it use to. It's energies are still being applied to the earth. But it's normal functioning systems have been entirely switched of. It's now running in a sort of emergency mode or state.

The extraordinary design of the moon and it's capabilities, which far exceed the imagination of people here on earth, make this difficult for people to understand.

There is many things now on the moon that have been changed while it's running on it's last days. Each day now the moon is running out of time. It cannot function in this area of the universe much longer. It's time is nearing an end.

For this reason, it's best you start looking at time, from a more holistic perspective. And you will have a better time adjusting to the new energies once the moon is disabled and taken away completely.

Each day the moons influence now grows weaker. Although not completely significant at this time. It will start to become so. This is when people will really start to lift their game.

Some may wonder why everyone starts to act so different. New spiritual people will come out of no-where. This is where old paradigms radically start to crumble.

It's a very interesting, but very vunerable period.

Also there is the violent and resistant group or certain reptillians, that will not want to be letting go. The way they will be phased out however is when the earth starts to raise in frequency radically.

This will cause everything to become more colorful. Everything will start to glow in color more. Everything will become to be seen as a pure and clean feeling all around. This is because the massive raising in frequency will be accuring which the moon has inhibited since it has being here, and due to the new cosmis energies coming in.

The bibles prediction about the moon turning red has already happened, but we did not allow it to be viewed. Likewise the varies sightings in the sky of moving stars. Has to do with moving cosmic energies and new stars coming into existence from different dimensional and shifting energies.

What you see in the sky, is not always a true projection of what stars are there, the moon has had a lot to do with projecting different stars in place, or making them appear in place, from the adjusting of earths frequencies, to keep certain star alignments in view.

Again this is all complicated to explain when not understanding the theory behind it. Some of you that have done a lot of inner work will be able to see it.

Expect great changes soon.
 Quoting: sam

The Grand Moontard Returns! Thread: My experience on the moon, and coming events. (Page 14)
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