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Is Salusa's chaneller - Mike Quinsey an ALIEN??

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1534672
10/30/2012 03:35 AM
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Is Salusa's chaneller - Mike Quinsey an ALIEN??
Hi not sure if the site for this link is banned so if you go to Steve Beckow's site about 2012 & look for the pic captioned "Two weary but satisfied conference speakers (Mike and Steve)" posted on under the "Behind the Scenes after the First Conference Part 1" post & Have a look at this photo with Mike Quinsey on the left. I know its low-res & its got a dark tone, but doesn't his hand look Alien-like & also the Length of his arm (if you extended it down from the Elbow) seems unusually long. I'm not claiming this as my 100% truth but am interested to see what others think.