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ufo above my buiding

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10/30/2012 05:02 PM
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ufo above my buiding
hey guys!i've discovered this forum a week ago.and now i check it out daily.
anyway i wanted to share with you what i just saw a few minutes ago by my building.yes, as the title says a ufo.it was one of those star-like ones.i've never seen one before.the reason i posted this is that maybe you guys can give and answer or something because it wasnt a plane, it was moving around without a clear destination-up-down-stop left right... .wtfi saw alot of ufo videos on youtube and i thought they hovered around major hot areas US,Mexico and other countries, not my shitty country especialy around a small boring city like mine.i couldnt film it because i have a very shitty phone.what are these things?wtf