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Message Subject Be prepared to die for your faith in Christ God.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Eternal law demands life be given to be born again for man is dead now in spirit and to be born again in spirit must be willing to die in flesh for what is right and good in faith in their God whom died to save them.

A time is coming were those whom believe in God will be put to death even tortured, those of ye whom seek eternal life must be willing to endure this unto death and will be rewarded with eternal life, for a time comes were the wicked amongst man shall be overtaken in spirit by Devil for he shall rule the nations in flesh and he shall declare war on the Lamb and the believers in his name.

Be ye then strong in spirit and conviction of your faith for ye must not renouce or you do so unto condemnation the adversary even Satan shall seek to turn many against God in his time of rule, those whom try save their lifes shall lose it but those whom lose their lifes for sake of God which is good shall save it. Be ye then willing to die and not be a slave to the beast for surely he shall torment his own.

God died and suffered beyond what you can comprehend for you, if thou can not give you flesh to God the eternal law will not allow God to save you. This is what many will have to face so prepare yourself for that time now by strengthing your faith through spirit, mind and body to endure it.
 Quoting: Spiritoftruth 26530436

yes, but he/satan will be pretending to be Christ at that time, which renders it impossible for him to be running around killing people, regardless. that would blow his COVER entire.

the only ones he has been granted the power and authority to murder are the two witnesses, these who come in the spirit of Elijah and Moses

as it's written. the rest of Gods Elect can be thrown into jail and tried for a period of ten days each and no more. satan has been warned "not to touch one hair on their heads" as these are Gods annointed as well as are the two witnesses.

It's kinda hard to look like "Christ" if you are running around killing people for refusing to believe upon you. I have heard the GFL false christ who calls himself "christ michael" however, mention "uncreating" all those who refuse to worship him and accept him as the Messiah.

according to the word that won't be the case.

at any rate better to be dead in flesh since all will be removed from flesh bodies anyway three days after the two witnesses are murdered, at which point all the rudiments, elements, and all flesh will be melted away with fervent heat at the 7th Trumpet when the true Christ returns.

eternal life in paradise is worth anything you can offer up in flesh, in truth
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