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Message Subject Be prepared to die for your faith in Christ God.
Poster Handle Faithful and Truth
Post Content
J O H N 20. Vers. 17
Go to my Brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my
Father, and your Father; to my God, and your God.

Grace, Mercy, Love, and Peace, from him who is
the first begotten from the Dead.

This death is a symbolic death, where all perishing things in this world have no effect on us any longer, where we have died to it. We have cut off our own heads symbolicly speaking, and executed ourself in the sense that we do not think nor have anything to do with this world because we know that it is going down as a sinking ship.

By doing this we put on the new garments of the spiritual Paradisiacal Body. We cannot recieve new wine in old bodies (wineskins), but must put on the new spiritual body (new wine skins) for this happen and us to become partakers to recieve the new wine of the Spirit of Truth.
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