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Message Subject MAJOR QUAKE WARNING ALERT Magnitude 7+ to 8+ imminent 1111 to 113
Poster Handle MatrixLNIN11
Post Content
Dude, I'll be the first to come back here and thank you for the heads up if something hits on your doom dates. However, it does seem like you're saying there will be a quake over 6+ to 9+ between said dates ANYWHERE on planet earth. no?
Cheers and thanks for the info, though. hf
 Quoting: MudMan

i had a feeling I'd be getting some questions like that... so i'm going to take time now to address your question in more detail which will help put things in proper context and perspective that I don't think most have or will remember and be thinking about as the month progresses not to mention I doubt skeptics will be honest or objective enough to acknowledge either ;/

With that said, first off NO... what I'm saying with a 99% confidence is that there WON'T BE A QUAKE 7+ on any other date in NOVEMBER outside the dates/windows I've named.

you do realize thats quite a profound and bold claim to make right? ;/

If any major quakes occur in November, the key target dates that will APPEAR in any such quake timestamp are either the 1st, 2nd, 16th, 17th, 25th, and 27th.

So in other words, what I'm saying is, the most likely dates for a MAJOR QUAKE 7+ is on the DATES and WINDOWS I've warned. If no major quake over 6.7 in november hits, will I admit FAIL?


the question is, if ONE does, will skeptics admit HIT? ;)))

And NO, I'm not saying 6+

BIG DIFFERENCE between a 6+ and 6.7

6+ MAGS are far more common now... 6.7 is the NEW 5.8 which has technically IN GENERAL, been the standard and the category for defining LARGE QUAKES.

I've raised the bar and narrowed the margin to 6.7 as the minimum for my warnings which contrary to skeptics and those arguing "stats", is NOT common nor follows any PATTERN that can be accurately predicted in the way most try to claim.
Arguments about quake frequency, only work when those making the argument, ignore the actual evidence, context or specifics in what I've presented.

I can link you to tons of debates I've had with these "skeptics" and so-called "experts" claiming my warnings are easy to replicate ETC, who when challenged to actually prove their claims and address all the evidence I've presented which support MY CLAIMS, have ALWAYS either DISAPPEARED or simply ended up spewing AD HOMS and anything but respectful intelligent discourse.

Is it possible there will be NO quakes over 6.7 or a 7 mag between 11/1 and 11/3?


and YES that would be a MISS and FAIL for that window.

however, it still wouldn't negate the FACT the warnings i've put out, have had a 90% success rate for exact dates and windows within +- 1-3 days for MAJOR QUAKES, not to mention even close to a 70% success rate over and over for hitting those narrow windows and dates for MAJOR QUAKES is considered by "SCIENCE" to be near, if not impossible!

I've named ONLY 3 windows for NOVEMBER with a very narrow margin for success especially since I'm talking about MAJOR QUAKES and not common 6 mags as the minimum under 6.7. Now I'd be happy to consider raising the minimum magnitude to 6.9 to 7+ only if there wasn't so much evidence of manipulation and fudging by the primary so-called "experts and authority" most use or rely on as the final official Quake SOURCE aka USGS.

But I submit that for anyone to name 3 specific quake windows in a month for MAJOR QUAKES to hit on and be within 1-3 days let alone 1 day or in some cases even up to 5 days depending on the parameters involved, goes far beyond coincidence or even what skeptics try to argue is no big deal and something ANYONE can do. In fact, should just 2 out of 3 windows I've named in November have major quakes, that hits odds of such high degree, especially doing it over and over, that it falls in the realm of what science says is impossible and more in the realm of paranormal. And if any quake is a GREAT QUAKE closer to 7.9+, the ODDS and MERIT of my warnings become that much more PROFOUND. Now of course 2 out of 3 windows could FAIL.
However, at the end of the month, if close to an 8 MAG hits just 1 of the 3 windows as I believe there's a high chance for, to say my quake warnings failed, would be ABSURD.

So no, the context or premise of your question is false if not just for the fact 6+ quakes are not the same as 6.7+ quakes. And though I have named a specific list of locations/regions that does not cover anywhere on the globe or the entire globe, if such a quake does not occur in the locations I've named, that still wouldn't negate the merit of hitting an exact date within 3 days let alone 1 day. For any fair objective, academic or true analysis, one MUST be able to analyze my warnings/this warning in full CONTEXT. Only then will one be able to truly measure, understand and judge things. Or in other words, the LEY LINES would also have to be PART OF THE ANALYSIS which MOST NEVER DO because they're uneducated and ignorant about that aspect of my warnings.

Anyways, you do have GOOD questions though. Hopefully my response is not misconstrued as arrogant or condescending. Just intelligent discourse which I encourage and have no problem discussing. I don't mind criticism as long as its respectful as you've done.

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