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Message Subject MAJOR QUAKE WARNING ALERT Magnitude 7+ to 8+ imminent 1111 to 113
Poster Handle MatrixLNIN11
Post Content
I can't wait till this doesn't happen at all. This whole theory of yours is such a croc of shit.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26741723

I can't wait till he DOES have a hit with his predicted dates as he's been far more accurate at predicting UNpredictable quakes than any weatherman has been at predicting the weather. Anyone with even the slightest bit of brain can see that. And let me guess-you still believe the earth is flat-s226
 Quoting: jusvistn 25435234

he he

thank you JV. well said.

these tards just don't get it and NEVER WILL.

In fact, if I had a SHILLing for each time these nitwits say they can't wait til this doesn't happen at all since this theory is all a croc of shit, I'd be rich.

Begin RANT because this calls for another commentary and clarification to put this idiots remark in context and perspective now that I'm on the subject:

NOT a SINGLE PERSON making CLAIMS like that has EVER presented any INTELLIGENT ARGUMENT to show exactly how and where the theory is a croc or the evidence presented is false. Its a continuous FAIL every time and simply laughable because they're soooo damn predictable. You know i've even offered these shllls and trolls many FAIR opportunities to take challenges and PROVE their claims. Not one of these hardcore skeptics attacking me has ever accepted the challenges I've proposed in which I even agreed to incorporate their PARAMETERS or rules of engagement, yet they keep returning making the same claims I've already debunked ad-naseum... that is until each time they say NOTHING WILL HAPPEN, something DOES and they DISAPPEAR never to even acknowledge the HITS even though I have acknowledge any MISSES!

Its truly pathetic.

So lets see what happens in the next 48 hours.

These VULTURES will be lurking around planning their parade ONLY IF the "warning" MISSES while TOTALLY IGNORING the EVIDENCE I've presented and FACTS that have proven a near 90% hit rate if not higher for exact date hits on major and great quakes which so far I've seen no other demonstrate even remotely close to such an accuracy ratio given the same or even similar parameters. Of course I'm an arrogant pr%ck for making these statements right? LOL No, i'm not... i'm simply defending the evidence and challenging those who attack, deny or ignore the facts and evidence in order to show and validate something far IMPORTANT than little ol ME... in fact it really has NOTHING to do with me since I'm merely a messenger trying to raise awareness and preparedness. If people don't like the presentation and ignore the evidence and facts because of personal feelings for me or the "presentation", thats up to them, but ones opinion or not "liking" my approach, doesn't invalidate the theory or evidence I've presented that validates it. A real TRUTH SEEKER will be able to put personal feelings, ego and opinions aside to at least consider and research what i've presented. If they disagree, FINE... ASK QUESTIONS since I encourage people NOT TO JUST BELIEVE what I've claimed blindly. But at least be HONEST enough not to just point out any MISSES... ADMIT and ACKNOWLEDGE any HITS... I'd have much more respect for those criticizing if they did.

In conclusion, another ANONYMOUS COWARD TROLL appears voicing his worthless opinion without any balanced or objective criticism; Just ignorant biased ad-homs and hateful abuse because the EVIDENCE suggests something they can't comprehend or their ego doesn't like, want to consider or CONFRONT... That many concepts of science and reality they've been TAUGHT all their life, has been wrong or a LIE.

So they hate the evidence because it shatters their illusion, and don't like the MESSAGE so they hate the MESSENGER.

Throughout history, MESSENGERS (sometimes called prophets), have ALWAYS been despised by their "nation".

Some things never change.


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