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Message Subject MAJOR QUAKE WARNING ALERT Magnitude 7+ to 8+ imminent 1111 to 113
Poster Handle MatrixLNIN11
Post Content
I can't wait till this doesn't happen at all. This whole theory of yours is such a croc of shit.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26741723

If its a crock of shit, why have MOST if not ALL MAJOR QUAKES this year, hit this Ley Line Grid? I'll stop there on that subject for now because that alone is already too inconceivable for most to fathom or handle.

And if its a croc, why have 95%, if not ALL major quakes this year, struck on or around the Dates I've warned most within 1 to 3 day window???

Why can't and haven't you shown a single shred of evidence to support your claim its a croc of shit?

You only have to admit JUST 1 hit and I'd have respect for you.

But then, since you KNOW NOTHING about the theory, evidence, facts or anything I've presented whatsoever about the "theory" and quake warnings I've put out, I know you'll never be able to intelligently answer or address that challenge.

Skeptics like you BORE ME.

But calling you a skeptic is probably giving you way too much credit and gives healthy skepticism a bad name.

I'll tell you what... if no quake I've warned hits within the next 48 hours, I'll come back and admit miss directly to you as long as you do some research and either admit just 1 HIT I've made or show exactly how the hits I've claimed, were not hits with an intelligent evidence-based argument as I always have.

Now hopefully you also realize that even if this window "misses" or fails, if just ONE or both of the next 2 windows connects to a major quake, yours and the premise of other people claiming what you will, is also a FAIL.

So before you criticize and show your ignorance again, I suggest you either get your facts straight as to my past HIT/MISS ratio and withhold judgement until all 3 windows have concluded.

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