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Message Subject MAJOR QUAKE WARNING ALERT Magnitude 7+ to 8+ imminent 1111 to 113
Poster Handle Coyoxautli
Post Content
Hey guys, Check this link out someone posted to my FB page....

[link to www.haarp.alaska.edu]

not sure what it means or is showing if anything right now, but interesting when you look back and compare the past several days

just sayin'
 Quoting: MatrixLNIN11

That´s the weird thing about HAARP nobody knows for sure how to interpret the graphics. This remind me of the guy in Matrix movie who sees girls in the green signs of the matrix. Blond...brunette...red.

In my opinion HAARP has to do more with mind control that earthquakes.

What´s happening with America? Maybe this:

Electromagnetism Disrupts Brain’s Moral Center–Proof of Mind Control Theory.

[link to therearenosunglasses.wordpress.com]
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