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Message Subject MAJOR QUAKE WARNING ALERT Magnitude 7+ to 8+ imminent 1111 to 113
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YOU ARE RIGHT ON**** I don't know how to put your words in a BLUE BOX, so I clipped your words here

"Now whats interesting about their vision and video, was that not only did they previously know nothing about my videos or writings on 113, but their vision was about a 9.5 QUAKE that struck off the coast of CALIFORNIA and created a 200 foot TSUNAMI (I think that was the approx description) that literally put SAN FRANCISCO and LA (from what I recall), UNDERWATER."


I want to add that MANY Christian prophets are seeing the exact same thing. The major prophecy is as follows. California will experience their usual 5.7 quakes, but then later followed by a 7.5 quake. After that, the MEGA QUAKE happens which will be a 9.5 to 10 point. That will pretty much put lower California in the sea. *** The TSUNAMI will finish off what the quake didn't do. I shudder to KNOW this will happen. I need to sound the major warning in this post, and all of you can take or leave it.


"Barrack Hussien Obama will rue the day he was again selected as President of the United States. In his heart he has dark designs for this nation which were covered during is first term in office. However, now the shade will be fully drawn and all who have eyes to see shall know what this man truly stands for. The Middle East will explode as is written in Gods Word. America will be severly chastised for her national and personal sins. The arrogant and rebellious nation of America will suffer with intence sorrow. NO measure of political might will save her.

As Obama has opened up the Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood, so shall Almighty God open American up to her enemies on her shores.

The warnings will first come by natural disasters; some of which are acturally manmade. God will allow disasters by increments, until people either wake up and turn to Christ, or contiune to revel in their rebellion.

This message is for the edification of all who have eyes to see the reality of the times in which we are living. God will have mercy on those who turn to the Lord Jesus Christ. The time for playing games and having continual fun is at an end. Therefore, take this message to heart, TIME IS UP FOR AMERICA and for much of this world."

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