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Strange Bolide Meteorite & Sundog phenomenon & 3 suns Witnessed by half the state of Alabama

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10/31/2012 06:37 PM
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Strange Bolide Meteorite & Sundog phenomenon & 3 suns Witnessed by half the state of Alabama
October 30, 2012
The story was posted last night on here but I don't think anyone mentioned of seeing the sundogs. Well I just did some digging & will post some links that I found but I'd like to tell my story & see what yall think.

So, I see this sundog in the evening sky around 5 pm -5:30 in North west Alabama in Florence. I had a camera to take a photo but the battery was down & shut off as soon as it came on. It was bright & I found it strange that it lasted a good 20 minutes before dissipating. Usually if I see one of these they last about 5 minutes or so but what made it a little stranger is that as I kept my eyes on it I saw a jet flying & it was amied right at this sundog. It actually went right through it.
I thought that would have been great to have got a photo of. But as soon as it went through it, within a few minutes it disappeared.

I get home a few hours later, I log onto GLP & notice the threads on the Meteorite & loud booms reported from north West,Alabama to the North East of Alabama to Mid Alabama down in Birmingham. I saw the reports on the news & thought it was strange & wondered if what I saw`was connected. So today I type in sundog in Alabama & narrow my search for the last 24 hours on google & see that the sundog was also seen through half of the state just like the Bolide Meteorite that was reported.

So, is all of this connected? Also sundogs are said to be made of hexagonal ice crystals & reflected by the sun. There was snow storms to the north & west of us in Tn & Kentucky. That probably doesn't matter but our temps been getting in the low 30's.

links about the sundogs we saw & 2 suns
[link to blog.al.com]

[link to topics.al.com]

[link to tnvalleywx.com]

Aweosme photo here with space weather
[link to spaceweather.com]

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