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Message Subject James Holmes, Aurora Shooting July 2012
Poster Handle Soap
Post Content

This is a video of the Denver police at the shooting. There was a backpack found but they never say what was in it.

These transmissions are from the time right before and after the time of the shooting.
00:33 Radio switch over.
1:30 Police radio check in,
2:50 Asking for Command post Location
3:47 Police make contact
4:00 Police inside theater searching now
4:10 Suspect booking out of parking lot male red packpack alameada
4:32 reports of Two Suspects
4:52 suspect Description
5:09 Suspect Description
5:30 Denver 673 Code 6 Foot patrol?
5:55 Command post location
6:20 Command post location
6:35 K'9 on location searching
7:31 Backpack found
10:00 another seprarate 911 call of someone Pulling someone into a car
11:06 Suspect Description gas mask Helmet black long gun VEST
11:20 Employees in Break room Inside theater
12:15 Fire on Location command post waiting for assignment
12:48 Theater 8 or theater 9 back door bolt cutters
13:43 Code 6 Command post
14:30 Theater Cleared. We are going to the parking lot now.

3.57 6 to 9 officers need to block east side. I need officers

4.01 I have an ambulance shot need rescue in front of Dillards.

4.17 Party in a car shot police 240 JHI A white Kia, white Kia

4.27 Copy there is another victim in a white Kia Where is that at?

4.48 I need a marked car behind theater, sable side suspect in a gas mask.

5.02 Is that the dude in the white car your by?

5.25 Cars, is the white car in the rear of the lot, is that a suspect?

5.28 Yes we got rifles, gas mask, he is detained right now. Got open
door going into the theater.

5.38 Okay, hold that position, hold your suspect.

I just find it so odd that they thought Holmes was a victim. Also that he was said to be shot. Yet they never announce all clear is that normal?

8.08 (This is where the first video i posted actually starts. Switching over.)

8.10 ONE of the shooters might be wearing a white and blue plaid shirt.

9.07 (They still don't have a solid perimeter around the mall.)

11.58 Assault rifle magazines magazines inside watch out for the assault

13.00 Post in the hallway I don't want anyone coming out that we might
have missed

13.32 (Telling to check every car leaving the perimeter.)

14.00 (officer tries to say what type of rifle)

15.00 (Officers say to check upstairs and other places that aren't well
known to look.

16.26 We have five possible employees in here we are searching them

I find it very odd that the 911 calls have not been released. The prosecutor nor the defendants attorney asked for them to be part of evidence. I haven't been able to find the video of the channel from inside the theater. I think that would also shed some light on the situation.

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