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Message Subject I've just seen a UFO that appears like a star, but appears and disappears
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just shut the fuck up with your incessant bullshitting.

We all know what you were doing last night, and it wasn't stargazing. You were in front of your monitor, with wotsits and mountain dew, wanking to the morning light.
 Quoting: Sparrow and Medicine

I am speaking only but the truth. Now then, how many of you guys have seen such "stars" that appear and disappear lately? Answer me?
 Quoting: Solar Guardian


A star, just like the one when Jesus was born.It appeared above a mountain range. I kept staring at it, and felt something strong like it was noticing me. It lit way up and started moving closer to me. I thought, "Whats this? An airplane about to crash into my house? Then the lights of it went out, and I did'nt hear a sound at all. I looked up above me, and there it was stopped just above the tree. Part of it was over my house, part above the tree. I froze there staring at it with my 14 year old daughter, no fear at all. Then when it began to leave slowly, another orb one was following behind it. It looked like a tinkerbell the way it moved in a flash.

Then me and my daughter went back and watched some TV, forgetting about all this, and didnt even talk about what we just saw, or tell anyone. One week later, we both suddenly remembered at the same time, and began to talk about it.
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