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Message Subject I've just seen a UFO that appears like a star, but appears and disappears
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just shut the fuck up with your incessant bullshitting.

We all know what you were doing last night, and it wasn't stargazing. You were in front of your monitor, with wotsits and mountain dew, wanking to the morning light.
 Quoting: Sparrow and Medicine

I am speaking only but the truth. Now then, how many of you guys have seen such "stars" that appear and disappear lately? Answer me?
 Quoting: Solar Guardian

Hello Solar Guardian,

I've read many of these reports of stars moving, disappearing etc and can now add my own observation.
I was on holiday in Turkey in September and while sitting on the balcony of my apartment one evening as I was gazing at the clear night skies, something which is not easy to do in London, I saw a "star" move.

It looked just like the regular stars but it slowly moved across the sky from point A to point B.

So there you have it.
 Quoting: ~Sir John~

Oh wow, nice to know others out there that have seen that too. cheers Next time I see it, I'm gonna telepathically call them to come closer so that I can have a better look. rockon
 Quoting: Solar Guardian

We prefer the left over Reese's and HATE marshmallow pumpkin peeps
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