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Message Subject I've just seen a UFO that appears like a star, but appears and disappears
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
On several occasions on my back patio, It would only take a mere thought to bring a low flying glowing orb to pass over my house.

About 2 months ago I thought, I wish I could see that light fly above my house, instantly a shower of bright lights fell like fireworks or meteors above my house. I thought maybe it could have been a coincidental meteor shower. So I looked to the left in the sky and thought could I see a light where I was looking. Instantly and exactly where I was looking a star like object appeared then got very bright before it disappeared.

I did this 5 more times looking at different locations in the sky, instantly and every time exactly pinpoint where I was looking a light would appear, flash then fade out. I waited another 20 minutes then thought, could I see another light. A very bright light appeared and began to move across the sky, it eventually went into a cloud and I wasn't able to see it. I then thought to myself, how cool it was because it was extremely bright. I thought to myself, too bad I couldn't still see it, immediately the cloud lit up with light and the object was clearly visible in the cloud. It flashed like this 4 more times every time I asked it.

I also had a ball of light hover 20' above me for at least 30 seconds then move off. These are just a few of the strange things that have recently happened to me.
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