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Message Subject I've just seen a UFO that appears like a star, but appears and disappears
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i think i caught sight of a ufo today. it was during a storm, that broke, and blue sky briefly appeared. m4, south wales.

it was very high, above the clouds, about the size of your ring fingernail viewed full on at arms length. At first I thought it was a plane, but then I noticed it was stationary, as if it was hovering. Took a closer look, and it was triangular, with delta swept back wings, and what looked like a line, or groove running the length of it

what got me was it was WHITE, like the clouds, and as I was watching it, the clouds seemed to roll back around it, obscuring it from view, and directly underneath where it was, mammatus clouds formed.

all this, as I was driving along.

couldn't believe what I was seeing.

did anyone else in the area see it? it would have been directly over the Llantrisant area, or roundabout there.

It looked a LOT like these images of a 'tr3b' posted on anther forum..

[link to upload.wikimedia.org]

[link to www.unexplained-mysteries.com]

my theory is, for some reason, they were using a TR3B to modify weather, and the white colour was a camouflage, but they weren't counting on suddenly being exposed by a cloud break like that. Today in Cardiff, about 3pm ish a very spooky storm hit. One minute it was blue skies, next it went black. incredibly dark, and the storm had a funny, rolling shape to it too. the sighting was about half an hour later

couldn't take pics, i was on a motorway.
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