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Message Subject I've just seen a UFO that appears like a star, but appears and disappears
Poster Handle schiehallion
Post Content
Superb thread OP. I share your optimism regarding open contact, we may differ on timescale though. Not enough people are ready! But the fact that there is so much expectation around this time, is helpful towards this in my view.

I have in the past several years seen fascinating sights:
I have seen multiple 'stars' moving around, randomly.
Once, two moving together, one leading one following; though I wondered if these could be the Grace probes, measuring gravity.
Multicolour clouds - two friends saw this too on an occasion. One was freaked out and wouldn't talk about it.
Twice, I've seen the whole night sky flash bright blue for the briefest instant.

What to make of it all? The power to manipulate natural phenomena tells me much of our observers abilities and tech. Can't wait to meet, suspect we will have to though.
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