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Price gouging--another name for Free Market at work

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11/02/2012 08:01 AM
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Price gouging--another name for Free Market at work
From "Giving up Control"

[link to www.givingupcontrol.com]

"Is it fair that 7-Eleven charges more than your local supermarket? Should they be forced to roll back prices to supermarket prices? A moment of reflection tells you that, if 7-Eleven were forced to charge supermarket prices, they would not have located a store on your street corner in the first place. Further reflection reveals another truth: The fact that the 7-Eleven has milk to sell after the snowstorm is precisely because your neighbor, who has a four-wheel drive car, drove to the supermarket. If 7-Eleven had the same prices, why would he drive to the supermarket? If he had not driven to the supermarket, if instead he bought milk from 7-Eleven, there would be no milk on the shelves for you to buy...."

"New Jersey’s anti-gouging law, which prohibits price hikes of more than 10 percent in an emergency..."

"Suppose “price gouging” was allowed and some stations raised the price of gasoline to $10 a gallon. Those drivers facing genuine emergencies would gladly pay the $10, while those who were simply going to the mall might think twice about their need for gasoline...."
In his book, "Between Two Ages," Brzezinski wrote: "The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values."