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Message Subject The Official GLP 2012 Presidential Election Poll.
Poster Handle WhiteLight
Post Content
Please indicate who you voted for so that we can see how close GLP is to other polling results! Absentee votes, cast now! TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!

 Quoting: MIL MAN

GLP will be nowhere near other polling results because GLP heavyily biased and right-wing/republican/conservative... or so it seems.
 Quoting: Artlicious

This is a conspiracy forum my friend even we are aware of what the truth is and how important this election is to us all. I happen to have a long history here of helping folks with SPIRITUAL issues and understanding. BUT the truth is evident.. here.. this is what I posted the other day on FB... that takes guts.. FB is heavily leaning Conservative right now.. no one says anything tho.. Obama owned Social Media in 2008 but the good Conservative and Tea Party Patriots took it over in 2010.. HA this is where I get my links to post there and vice versa..Stopped listening to MSM long ago.. I meditate and am the perfect example of the GLP'er..considered Conspiracy but you know what? The tables have turned. As I learned in Shaolin years ago.. what WE knew then WILL come to pass..in Science, Politics and the rise of the Dark Forces.. we the WARRIORS here are fighting against a greater EVIL then has ever existed.. we must prevail or ALL is lost...
Liberals are mistaken for their political positions.

Thinking a liberal is represented by political positions, is like thinking your computer runs on the websites you read.


A liberal is a human being who has surrendered their personal sovereignty for group protection. Liberals are volunteer slaves. That, and that alone, makes a liberal. They have looked at the challenge of being a human being, rejected it, and turned back to childhood non-individuation as a solution.

Leftists are liberal controllers. Leftists give liberals the group support that they need to survive. Leftists control every aspect of a liberal's life, in a voluntary symbiotic relationship with them. Liberals get non-responsibility, and Leftists get obedience.

That, and that alone, is liberalism. Liberals can't exist without Leftists to control them. Leftists are powerless without liberals to obey their commands.

This is why liberals will literally do anything, because the only thing that matters is obedience. Rationality, arguments and positions that make sense, even basic kindness and mercy, are utterly foreign to a liberal. Liberals laugh at the most heinous cruelty, because their Leftists masters train them to laugh at anything that isn't the one single thing that they are allowed to care about - obedience.

That is the dark relationship. That is the secret horrible shame of every single liberal. That is why liberals can run concentration camps, and get pissed when their marathon is cancelled from being blocked by the bodies of hurricane dead. They've sold their souls - literally. And they expect payment. That's why Bloomberg waited till the last second to cancel the marathon, because liberals were running in it, and they wouldn't accept the human tragedy all around them as an excuse to stop their self-indulged pleasure - and Bloomberg knew it. He knew it because he's a Leftist controller, and he's trained them to be like this.

Political positions? Whatever, dude. change them every single day, reverse them, kill that person, no - take them into your home and give them your body for pleasure, no - give them a job, no - ignore them, no - treat them with kindness. These things aren't madness or hypocrisy to a liberal - they are obedience tests, which they will use all of their intelligence and skill to pass perfectly.

And look around - they do just that.

Liberals have literally given up their humanity out of naked cowardice, and they know they cannot be forgiven for such a spiritual crime. So their obedience to their First masters is absolute, even if, as history has repeatedly shown, their First masters intend to kill every last one of them after the revolution.

That is the truth.
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