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Message Subject The Official GLP 2012 Presidential Election Poll.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Romney 57.2% (828)
Other 25.6% (371)
Obama 17.2% (249)
Blank (498)
 Quoting: zinzana

I thought I'd see the 'other' category dominate on this site ----- of all places.... WTF?

Where the fuck are all the Paul supporters, or Johnson supporters for that matter. A little FYI -- Romney isn't the next best thing to either of the 'provided' canidates....

I'm sure half of the idiots that voted Romney didn't realize you could cast a write in vote...

Look, I realize it doesn't matter in the end... I get that... but geezzz people vote with your heart at least!

Really disappointed in all the GLP'ers who are essentially backing a prototypical enemy of this web site. FUCKING SAD, PEOPLE!!!!!!

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