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Message Subject excuse me psychics, yes or no? :/
Poster Handle thecelticcat
Post Content
Be honest and please no trolls! I have an easy one.
Yes, I've use condoms, with my ex, but the last time we were together he just pulled out(didn't use a condom), and I heard there's a small chance that a little bit of you know what can still get swim up there and get a woman pregnant. I recently dumped this guy a few weeks ago, but now I'm about 4 days late for my period! I'm not always exact, and get it perfectly every 28 days, but this is not just 2 or 3 days off. IT'S FOUR DAYS OFF!
This would ruin me!tissue
 Quoting: thecelticcat

Well it is possible indeed.

Don't get nervous though.. maybe your own anxiety is what is messing up your period lol, relax and wait.. whatever happens you won't be able to avoid now anyways tounge
 Quoting: 1908247

Are you psychic? I dumped him because of his negative energy. He had a lot! He didn't match my vibration. He was a heathen and borderline sociopath. Took advantage of me because I was and trying to recover from being a 'love addict'. I feel like I was being tested and it's hard for me to be alone. I don't have any kids, 36yo, and Spirit has been giving me messages and sychnronicities (spelling) that having a baby, is part of my destiny. I have a little one, on the other side that's really wanting to incarnate(spirit) I know this... I'm not going to get into how I know, but this guy won't be a good father or husband!
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