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Message Subject excuse me psychics, yes or no? :/
Poster Handle thecelticcat
Post Content
I've been successfully pulling out for over a year. 1dunno1
 Quoting: Eternium

I remember hearing about at least one woman, that got pregnant on the pill! I think it was a few times! Condoms break too! I even heard the foam stuff and gels are not very good as birth control, and pulling out seems to have a reputation for birth control.

I WILL NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE! I don't even want to have sex until I'm married, really. I'm thinking about waiting!
 Quoting: thecelticcat

I should add that the girl IS on birth control, I would not get laid other wise.
 Quoting: Eternium

I've always been smart about this subject and have had a condom break, but NEVER in my life got pregnant. So I'm not one that's careless. This was only because my ex, I assumed didn't have a condom. He always provided them.
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