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Message Subject excuse me psychics, yes or no? :/
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
God help this world..when we use terms as "get rid of it" when referring to a baby..Gosh..I think Im heading up that mountain..
 Quoting: wildhoney

Sorry, but I'm really not feeling well and cried myself to sleep. I'm really not clear in the head right now.
I don't know how landlords can tell someone to get rid of a cat or dog, because I think they are special and you know what usually happens, to cats and dogs...after in a shelter for a while. They put them to sleep(get rid of them)
 Quoting: thecelticcats

Oh dear OP you are a sensitive soul. I'm not psychic and can't say if you're pregnant or not but I am sorry you're in this pain.

When I was 17 my ex-boyfriend date-raped me in his car and I got pregnant. I was terrified to tell my abusive mother and he paid for me to have an abortion (this was in the 70s, Roe V Wade was new and abortion was considered "no big deal"). Well it IS a big deal especially if you have strong emotions about it and are sensitive to animals and children like you seem to be. I attempted suicide and finally confessed to my mother and it was a horrible situation all around. Many years later a therapist dug deep enough to find that the abortion at age 17 was the starting point of my depression.

You are older, therefore more mature than I was but an abortion is not to be taken lightly, I've seen friends through it and some breezed through it without a second thought, others were devastated. Either way it's a very tough call.

Yes you can get pregnant even if he pulls out. There is sperm in his fluids even at the beginning of intercourse.

I've had psychics tell me that a little blonde boy is always with me. Always. I eventually married and had a daughter but I believe that blonde boy is the soul of the baby I would have had.

I do believe this is a wake-up call from God to think about your future, what do YOU want, never mind what anyone else tells you, friends or family or ex-boyfriends or psychics, but what do YOU want? Talk to God about it and see what happens, trust your gut feelings. Whatever happens know that you will be okay, and that you are loved.
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