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Where does intuition come from?

KnightsTemplar.TV (OP)

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United States
11/03/2012 06:32 PM
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Re: Where does intuition come from?
Information is stored in our DNA but we also share information through telepathy. For example, you might have an intuition about how someone is feeling when you are no where near them and haven't spoken or written in a while, but then you give them a call and find out that your "intuition" about their feelings were correct. Most people are aware of this but will only talk about it using code or words and phrases with multiple interpretations or won't even talk about it at all. Subtly aware readers will openly talk about it but are usually unable to articulate the experience and usually choose not to even try because of social repercussion. Non-readers talk about it not knowing that everyone around them is aware but unable to talk about it with them.
 Quoting: ExiledReader 18314209

I agree, but I would say we are all sharing in the infinite consciousness and when we think, we put this into the infinite consciousness. Hence, what we think we are and will become.


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11/03/2012 06:45 PM
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Re: Where does intuition come from?
moving ones consciousness
closer to infinity.
reveals patterns in time,
we conceive as intuition.
 Quoting: Horus 26707247

the closest one can move towards infinity is to look within
by looking within, we then become one with the universe
once we become one with nature, we realize there is no time
what once was, is now and will forever behf

:Serpent Eating T:
 Quoting: KnightsTemplar.TV


as the body is projected
by the soul.
so is nature projected
by the source.
 Quoting: Horus 26707247

As Above, So Below
As Within, So Without

& a new one

What Once Was, Now Is, Will Always Be hf

:Osiris, Isis and:
 Quoting: KnightsTemplar.TV

what once was,
now is,
will always be:
the source; infinity.