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What is the real of 9-11 - New Cinema Movie 2012 - HARODIM: LOOK CLOSER - OFFICIAL TRAILER ENGLISH (HD)

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11/02/2012 11:15 PM
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What is the real of 9-11 - New Cinema Movie 2012 - HARODIM: LOOK CLOSER - OFFICIAL TRAILER ENGLISH (HD)
Harodim: Look Closer - Official Trailer English HD
A film unlike any have seen before!
Blending actual news and documentary footage!
9-11 Conspiracies (Conspiracy)


Lazarus Fell, a former naval intelligence officer trained in black ops and tasked with tracking down the most wanted Terrorist in the world, has gone rogue, realizing his mission has been inexplicably compromised by his own chain of command. As a result, Lazarus has faked his own death, forsaken his life, his family and all that matters to him in the world, to continue his solitary pursuit. But he has personal motivations as well, believing his father, Solomon Fell, Chief of Operations for the Office of Naval Intelligence, was killed in the attacks of 9/11 the event masterminded by the selfsame Terrorist.

At long last, after more than 10 years spent in a ceaseless global manhunt, Lazarus has run his quarry to ground in the last place imaginable Vienna. The most wanted man in the world has been living here openly for many years in the lap of western decadence. Lazarus, having reached the climax of his obsessive quest for the truth and fueled by his own visions of personal revenge, has laid his plans well. Operating from a long-forgotten Nazi-era train station buried deep beneath the streets of the city, Lazarus has made his move, abducting his prey to begin an exhaustive, videotaped interrogation before executing him.

But the interrogation is about to reveal facts about recent world history that Lazarus is totally unprepared for the truth behind the events of 9/11, the real origins and purpose of al Qaeda and much much more, culminating in the revelation of a terrifying, generations-old Plan for world domination set in motion by a shadowy secret society that holds the strings of international finance, has infiltrated the government and military of the United States at the highest levels and, in which he, Lazarus, is destined to play a pivotal role a role prepared for him long ago without his knowledge or consent: a Plan in which the specter of mind control looms over the free will he believed was his and, through which, the future of the globe hangs in a precarious balance.

Harodim is a film unlike any you have seen before, seamlessly blending actual news, archive and documentary footage with a chillingly plausible narrative so compelling the viewer will not know where to draw the line between fact and fiction, creating a haunting and terrifying vision of what might actually exist behind the chaos and unrest of the world we live in today. It is a singular cinematic experience which will challenge your belief in the reality hidden inside the mainstream news reports brought to you daily by a familiar host of corporate sponsors.

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Anonymous Coward
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11/14/2012 03:37 PM
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Re: What is the real of 9-11 - New Cinema Movie 2012 - HARODIM: LOOK CLOSER - OFFICIAL TRAILER ENGLISH (HD)
guess my own thread on this topic was deleted, so I gonna bump this anyway.