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Message Subject Dealer on 30 hits of Acid is busted while Dinosaurs were chasing him.. Invites cops into Alien infested apartment
Poster Handle SteamrolledGobias
Post Content
acid is the most powerful mind wrecking drug period
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 831180

I would say something like "crack" or "ice" wrecks your mind...lsd is a psychedelic and is considered mind expanding, but not mind wrecking ( not in the long term anyway)
However, I do agree that it is much more dangerous than anything coming from the natural world.
 Quoting: waxonwaxoff

crack and ice are so much more addictive but acid literally rewires the mind....

some people take crack everyday for ten years and end up wrecked,people who take acid everyday end up in lunatic asylums...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 831180

ive tripped on lsd over 10 times and i am not crazy or in a looney asylum. you should fact check again...

there is nothing wrong with tripping balls and it's much healthier than crack-cocaine or methamphetamine.
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