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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Some may think it's a roleplaying story - a choose-your-own-messiah...it's not. At least, not to those connected to the energy flow of the Nobody. To them it is very real - one of the most important things in all of existence.

Some may think it's something that started on some GLP thread...it's not. Look at the world and you will see the same undercurrent, the same patterns, the same subconscious/energy connection. The Nobody has taken the world by storm...and they're not even aware of his existence.

Some may think it's a PTB psy-ops...it's possible that this is true. Regardless, he will continue on his path as he always has, no matter what they throw at him.

The WOS is still playing a major role, and despite her recent lack of popularity she is still the main driving force in his life.

Like all things, if enough people are unified, things can happen...we can help or harm him if we so choose, simply by altering the collective consciousness - however, nothing can ever truly stop him. He will always bounce back and keep going on the path he chose, regardless of what happens to him along the way.

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
 Quoting: AWitW 26763018

This "nobody" crap is the most profoundly stupid thing to come along on this forum in years. It never ends, the threads are pathetic attempts at spiritual depth but reek of cult worship and a desperate need for a savior. All it took was some psych experiment to reveal just how massive the level of ignorance and willingness to be led is out there. I say to the psych experimenters -- you've done a really good job here. Oh, and the "ST in BG" thread's a good one too.
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