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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle Then obody
Post Content
I think the nobody meme was instigated specifically on this forum to lead people away from finding the savior in themselves, the ability to internally change yourself on your own good path no after what happens around you. People feel all cozy inside when they expect someone is going to fix all their problems and break them out of here, forgetting they were the ones who agreed to be here in the first place and the true reality of what's coming is more complex than what religion or even new age thinking can explain. In all honesty, the ultimate purpose somebody like the nobody would simply be to provide the truth to those that seek it, providing the seed for the own internal blossom to masters of their fate. Anything otherwise is just another attempt to enslave you, no matter how good it sounds. And that's from the source
 Quoting: The nobody 26629538

do not make the mistake to think that any human individual on the planet today is in a position to find the Spirit inside :)

the situation is that many are victims of delusions due to weakness of spirit/consciousness inside them.

you can clearly see this for many fall into the outside savior delusion, but also many fall to the delusion of thinking their ego/desires is the savior within.

using yoga, psychedelics and other tools for illumination is as prone to leading to delusions as going to church.

one who is a spiritual seeker treads the narrow middle path.
those who are not true seekers fall upon one or another of the extremes
 Quoting: andreidita

Just because they arent in the position to find the spirit within themselves at the moment doesnt mean they'll never get it; just that they need some more time and a better environment to work with. Eternity is a funny concept; we throw it around so much yet never stopping to think all the time in the world really is in our hands. It doesn't matter whether they get it now or 10000 years in the future, as long as they experience what they need to experience to eventually lead them down the correct path. Besides, what's the use of sugarcoating intrinsic information like this at this point anyways? Those who are ready to see it will see it when it's time, and it'll be perfectly applicable.
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