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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle The nobody
Post Content
Just because they arent in the position to find the spirit within themselves at the moment doesnt mean they'll never get it; just that they need some more time and a better environment to work with. Eternity is a funny concept; we throw it around so much yet never stopping to think all the time in the world really is in our hands. It doesn't matter whether they get it now or 10000 years in the future, as long as they experience what they need to experience to eventually lead them down the correct path. Besides, what's the use of sugarcoating intrinsic information like this at this point anyways? Those who are ready to see it will see it when it's time, and it'll be perfectly applicable.
 Quoting: Then obody 26629538

did i say they will never find it?
they have all eternity to achieve, each at his own pace.
but this does not mean that everyone can achieve it now, without effort.
there are no magical solutions in ways of spirit. and i think we agree upon this, you seem to have a similar problem with the wallmart generation :)

in regards to the last part, i was making a personal reply to a friend.
if you really want to apply the abstract truth of the question with 'what's the use' then you will see that this forum itself, yours mine or every other poster have no real use. because those who are ready to see it will see it when it's time, as you say :)

but here we are. why are you here may i kindly ask? :)
 Quoting: andreidita

To experience myself as part of the creator; discern and divulge information I feel could help someone on their spiritual journey. I think you took what I said out of context, it wasnt taken to be offensive by me personally; I don't get angry. However I do get impatient with the amount purposeful disinformation and blatant lies others spew here, thus my no nonsense approach to matters.
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