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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle The nobody
Post Content

I think the nobody meme was instigated specifically on this forum to lead people away from finding the savior in themselves, the ability to internally change yourself on your own good path no after what happens around you. People feel all cozy inside when they expect someone is going to fix all their problems and break them out of here, forgetting they were the ones who agreed to be here in the first place and the true reality of what's coming is more complex than what religion or even new age thinking can explain. In all honesty, the ultimate purpose somebody like the nobody would simply be to provide the truth to those that seek it, providing the seed for the own internal blossom to masters of their fate. Anything otherwise is just another attempt to enslave you, no matter how good it sounds. And that's from the source
 Quoting: The nobody 26629538

do not make the mistake to think that any human individual on the planet today is in a position to find the Spirit inside :)

you who know so little and profess so much will learn and most of soon that you are lacking in every regard with reference to Spirit and that which it not only can do, but has done and will again do in future...
 Quoting: andreidita

It's funny when someone has nothing greater to contribute and they know it, it usually leads to holier-than-thou warnings on how their (never actually stated, just vaguely inferred) view of "reality" is correct and how we're all going to be punished or die because of our "lack" of understanding; to which the person spouting forth their drivel happens to be the only blessed one who god chose to show others the way.....

This universe is impersonal; you'll find out this gratification you think you will get when everyone is fucked up except yourself will not come, and more than likely you'll find yourself in the exact same position as the ones you condemned, because in reality, the person you describe is indeed yourself.
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