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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
apollo...judgementally attacking others for being judgemental is duplicitous at best.

as for the 'laziness' remark...here's the question...

if something is one's birthright, why would anyone expect that person to work for it?
 Quoting: Neoanderthal Man


It what makes a great and worthy King. Its like saying Prince William and Harry should just sit around in their castle barking at the servants, enjoying their riches and expecting adoration while they do nothing.

Prince William and Harry joined the Royal Navy and Air Force and gained experienced along with the common man serving their country.

Manly P Hall didnt sit in his chair and go WOW, Im so enlightened and special

He traveled all around the world researching archeological sites and busting his ass writing zillions of books and getting them published ..

I busted my ass in Theology school and years as a Minister, I studied and studied hard ! And later became degreed in the Mystery schools. There is a set schedule of study and formal initiations.

People think it should just fall into their lap and some fricken limo pull up and say, O GREAT ONE we found you ! Not going to happen if no one wants to do the work.

you use make whole threadas about the nobody , but not very shocking considering other things you've lied about .

Question : Do you have a life because I don't if there isn't any random day at any time on which ive actually came on this site and seen it filled with your BS posts .

you must be retired or something , going insane and have too much time on your hands
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