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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle KnightsTemplar.TV
Post Content
Many of us have Messiah Complexes and dreams of saving the world or turning it upside down

However the nobody seems to be the lazy mans meme

In reality it always takes work..No limo will pull up to crown the king in his easy chair.

Theres no armchair battles, no enemies to fight outside of himself. the enemies are meant to be within

But overall, the nobody meme has been the laziest, non thought provoking, non research, non imaginative excuse for the Heroes Journey I have ever seen .

Generation x at least knew about the story line in Star Wars and they knew of the dark night of the soul and was a generation that played outside and had imagination and made do with less.

But this newer generation wants everything handed to them with no effort . Twitter and Walmart generation describes it all.

Some of us are doing what we can and some more than others. It is easy to judge when others do not live up to yours, there's or your own messiah complex.

What you call a messiah complex, I call slaves scientifically and hopelessly monetarily controlled in a control grid that even if they wanted to be a messiah or save the world from the same things I speak of, it is impossible.

To be honest man, I have not seen you do much other than post some stuff here and your NWI blog some to speak this way. I see no great things happening unless you are doing them in your real name.

the enemies are meant to be within, lol.....yes, but way more without bro.

why make fun of the slaves when the scientific plan with the vaccines and GMO foods has poisoned most of them. along with a poison education?
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