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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There's a Nobody School.

Look up at all those stars. You think the job of Nobody only exists here?

But it's not cool to just come in and start stomping around. Free will and all that. Nevertheless, the same Divine Law that creates free will, also restricts free will. Or rather, karma acts like a dynamic governor on a motor (LOL, "governor," get it? Ahem, anyway...) that makes indulging in free will more and more difficult under conditions that violate Divine Law.

But timespace is dynamic too, and there are places and times when assholes (that's a technical term) can get away with more than usual, and wreak more havoc than otherwise. Kind of like having a governor on the motor limiting the speed, but then finding a nice long hill to use to go even faster. That's where things are now.

Well, actually, things are at the bottom of the hill, going fast.

The Nobody has many potentials, and he's not here alone. LOL, no indeed. But he allows the peculiarities of the perversions of the particular place he finds himself in to exert a stimulous upon his development. That way, he manifests what is appropriate for this place and time.

So what is the root energy that has acted upon him? What is the prime stimulus that represents what's going on here, now? What sums up the gestalt of this happening orb? What is history's cumulative narrative? What really makes the world go round? What has TPTB taught The Nobody to manifest, without a shred of wavering, across many, many decades?

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