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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi there ! I still stand by everything I said, Maybe youre seeking terms in singular and in weeklong increments, lol

Theres two parts to the persons soul according to the Egyptians, the Ba and the Ka.. The Ba is born inside the person and the Ka is inside AND outside the person as a twin so to speak, Goal is to transcend mortality by integrating more of the Ka rather than uniting the ba with the ka after death, you do it reversed and return part of the ka to the ba rather than vice versa ..This is like building the Rebis according to the AC, the Ascendant, or rising sign; DC, the Descendant, or descending sign and MC = Medium Coeli, the Midheaven or highest point, and then the IC = Imum Coeli which you match up with the transits of the dual wheel and perform the alchemy like pictured...


BTW, Apollo, this Nobody meme has been researched ad naseum. Problem is, there is no concrete foundation to base it on.

You kept saying things like "He is here, they found him, it is about to begin", then say that you don't know who he is, then say things like he is 'on Earth', etc. etc.

Then, you say he has 'no body' and will actually be a non-human entity coming to embody an individual.

Even from you, there has been so much that has been based on faulty conclusions, and misinformation, it is like chasing a ghost that doesn't exist.
Well, I sure hope they approach peacefully, because this dude is extremely hazardous.

I would strongly suggest...be cool.
 Quoting: +Jason+*** 1483625


of course they would approach him with a Secret Service Escort of hundreds, Hes the most valuable thing in the whole world.

Hey Apollo, does this guy know that he is NEO?
 Quoting: SikScent

Yes, good analogy, I would say he would have broken out of the Matrix and seen the origins of our programming. Thats probaly why they will have to teach him and tell him the truth of our world and why we are here.

He will have to re learn everything over again, like a child

They say, he grew up with little or near nothing.

He is to be your hope, my hope, the hope of all.

You have even said before that 400 SS are 'guarding' him.

I don't know, it just sucks that, if what you say is accurate, so much stuff that was posted, even by yourself, was deception.

Which I now find it strange that you say it's a lazy man's meme. I guess the one's that were lazy and didn't do a lot of research on it, were smarter than everyone else, as it has been a massive waste of time researching this idea, only to find that it has been a big pile of dung.

Not that it matters to me. But damn, at least when giving out information from your mentors, we could have gotten accurate information instead of disinformation.

But, you could be using disinformation on this thread as well. Round and round we go.
 Quoting: Saptaparna
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