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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle Iolair
Post Content
What makes me wonder is, I always think there must be an end to this story, still people come up with new... concepts they receive. Or I´d rather call it source-concepts, as concept alone sounds a bit too much like fantasy.
But this is about unfolding the true essence.
This is in fact what we´re all doing just right here.
We all came our different ways, have our own stories to tell, made our own decisions, learnt our own lessons...
And yet we all carry pieces of the divine truth within us.
Somehow these pieces, it feels like they´re merging together, wether we see it or not, wether we think there´s no progress, yet we progress.

The conversation I red the last pages felt to me like passing the torch from one to another, don´t know how I can explain this better, but I like it.

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