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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Saptaparna, it may be a little bit off-topic but then it may not.

Let me tell you what i think. I'm interested in your thoughts about 'it'.

Imo. we're in a kind of a intermission/suspension-phase. Back in 1998/99 we were in a full acceleration-phase, vibration-wise. This has led very close to a point-of-no-return, something which was felt by many, but understood by very few. Unfortunately, some people in power at that time, which belonged and still belong to the few, reacted with great fear to what was happening ('acceleration' of every bodies own vibratory rate) at that time. Reacting with fear eventually led to 9/11, which shows the turmoil those (some) people in power felt on the inside of themselves, manifested on the outside. Although 9/11 was a horrendous act, i feel sorry for the ones who initiated it, the same way i feel sorry for the victims of that event. I completely understand the reasons of the initiators of 9/11. It was all about fear, and still is. It may have dawned on some that they've all been played, initiators alike victims. It doesn't matter who is/was responsible for 9/11. Responsibility, or to be more clear, 'unnatural' responsibility is the main subject we're dealing with at the moment and have been dealing with for a very long time ie. several thousands of years.

Cultural coherence gives a kind of security. Cultural coherence oscillates/exists on a certain vibratory rate, which humans are accustomed to and is being passed on to the next generation for multiple generations.

In 1998/99 the vibratory rate of every individual present on this planet began to 'accelerate', like mentioned above, almost to the-point-of-no-return. The repercussion of that 'acceleration' of the vibratory rate (if allowed to run its way) is (beside many others)that one cannot identify oneself anymore with anything that has to do with a lower vibratory rate, for example a cultural heritage, a certain religion/philosophy and most importantly, inherited guilt.

Inherited guilt is the glue which holds, you call it 'the matrix' (which exists on a low vibratory level), together. 'the matrix' gives a certain kind of security, one knows how to act, how to behave within 'the matrix', it defines (not accurately at all) who one is, with what one is identifying hem/her self. This 'matrix' can hold a certain vibratory rate. If this vibratory rate accelerates, the 'matrix' (which is a kind of a bubble), bursts ie. its defining borders vanish.

Unfortunately, for most who find themselves in a place with no defining borders, the first reaction is fear and eventually the loss of 'security', the loss of the defining borders of ones own 'illusory' self. The pain experienced in such a 'situation' leads to the 'natural' act of trying to 'heal' the 'wound'.

What almost all try to 'heal' is nothing else than the wall of 'the bubble' which is 'the matrix'.

9/11 was a thorough try to

1. make the masses/ones self aware of a serious 'wound' at the 'wall' of 'the matrix'
2. divert their awareness/energy to 'the wound' with the intention to 'heal' it

to finally preserve 'the bubble'/'the matrix' itself, to preserve the status quo, to stay within the low vibratory rate to bring back 'security' and to 'heal' 'the pain'.

'They' (which is also every individual) have succeeded to stretch the time frame in which the acceleration of the vibratory rate progresses, but the progress of the vibratory acceleration itself cannot be stopped.

It is very important that 'They' understand that 'We' are here to 'help'. We are not here to 'lead'. Every One is needed, 'We' also will need 'Their' 'help'.
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