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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle Saptaparna
Post Content
Switz, I agree with what you are saying, but I can word it in a way that may seem easier for others to grasp its meaning. Briefly, the bubble is our comfort zone. 9/11 a regressive catalyst. Your 'intermission/suspension-phase', I would call is the transition phase. Cultural coherence we have been ingrained with as we start out dependent, and try and find our independence. If we go too far in discovering our independence, we leave the bubble, the comfort zone.

Fear is a tool to get people to do what you want and keep real independence from fruition.

The vibratory rate can be described a different way, and that way is the amount of information we are exposed to and can be consumed, which has been vastly increased. This comes from exterior to one's self rather than interior (so we go back to dependence and independence). Now, we get into a 'confusion' phase. We are absorbing information at such a pace that change is manifesting faster. Thoughts are flowing faster. Ideas are flowing faster. Communication across the globe is flowing faster. Connections and resonance and dissonance of information is sifted through much faster. This is manifesting in bubbles being 'popped' in all spectrums, some occurring faster and some taking longer as the bubbles, the comfort zones, are our paradigms.

The old paradigms are the matrix. Security is an aspect of our comfort zone. It is our protection from going into the unknown. Defense (security) of our comfort zones is a manifestation that arises from 'attachment', as in the Buddha concept of attachment. We falsely believe that change is bad due to the concept of attachment, and that change is bad because it brings about the unknown.

9/11 is a regressive step, but so are all the horrors of violating another's free will. It is dissonance. It is rushing people back into their safety zone; ie the comfort zone; ie dependence.

Concluding with your statement It is very important that 'They' understand that 'We' are here to 'help'. We are not here to 'lead'. Every One is needed, 'We' also will need 'Their' 'help'.

...independence, change, unknowns are part of the natural universe. It's ok to go outside your comfort zone. We are eternal, and nothing can ever change that.
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