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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
what i find to be quite amusing, is the fear the vast majority has of empowering their self through stories, and the hate they have towards others trying this.

do you not remember when you were kids and you merged with your favorite hero?
of course when we were kids we had to used hero/mythological templates.

become like kids, remember?
just that the second time one should be the hero that perfectly fits his/her life.

it is an art of empowering your self/soul.
from time to time, that is.
and that personal mythology can be created from scratch, collated from various pieces syncronisticaly merged withyour life.

life is a journey. and life is a game. one can see it as a puzzle, with pieces given by the universe.

you were endowed with mind and soul to play this game.

and you keep being drawn to outward projections of old mythologies that are not yours and you do not connect with them at an intimate level.

this was supposed to be fun, remember? not bullying and contradicting each other upon the emptiest of all mythologies. The nobody

for sure it has some abstract valid points in it, the concept.

but common. besides indicating to humbleness (not trying to be a somebody) and to the first step in spiritual evolution (the soul overcoming the body - No Body ) there is no other substance into it.

get real, be creative, be aware to what the universe tells you personally. do your puzzle. write your story. share it. live it. empower your soul by doing this. like kids.

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