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Message Subject Clarifications on the Nobody Story
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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(The excerpts have been authorized)


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"If he is going to stand up, then he has to prove who he is. Otherwise, there is absolutely no sense in standing up.

What could there possibly be as proof? I know how it would have to roll out...anyway... It will not be a person standing up proclaiming he is the one. IMO, he would never proclaim himself to be the one. Again, there is absolutely no reason to do so.

If he exists, he is the message. He is not a messenger. In other words, people will not need to be told he is the one. Circumstances will dictate that he is the one...period.

What would the roll-out consist of? Everything converging in his direction. Everything converging to his lines of 'thought'. It should be a natural convergence, though I am positive some will try to capitalize on it, perhaps be trying to preempt the natural roll-out. Which, when people proclaim that they are the One, is exactly what they are trying to do. ~ ~ Posted by Swinging on Spirals

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Excerpt From a Post ... It is all very real. I know what I am telling you is true. There are others here as well.

 So the man that did return came and made his claim and made it in such a way as to be a good time joke. So he was at first observed. Some people are such observed by secret socieites as if they were the television programs of the day for the elite. And such was the case of this nobody.

However the story just kept growing over decades, and it has more twists, that it gained more ground in the conscious state of the planet.

However the story had problems such that the nobody was seemingly unaware that he himself was a product of the dark order of the evil end of secret societies. They thought he was a mind control slave going mad. They thought many things of him but they were wrong because their minds betrayed them as they were acting as their own bias gatekeepers from the truth.
Even now their wispers credit him for being some type of super genius pulling off a feat so great it is mind bending, but that's just their own minds not willing to see that he was in fact telling the truth the whole time.

... there are forces. These forces can be effected by the free will event that is in the human condition...

And this "Nobody" who started out being more a joke then jester slowly over time became a well known (professor) of things beyond their understandings. Things they have had to pay dearly to find out and even in their knowledge are only babes learning. And the nobody knows more then them. And they don't know how.
But some are finding the faith required to see it. Some are just finding the will to wonder. And some are even beginning to believe.

i shit you not. that one they call the nobody is the second coming of christ. You see the term "christ" is chosen by God. As of yet "God" the grand master has not revealed to mankind, nor those in the know, that this one that seems to be a man is in fact the one that is to come. Yet he steals all their secrets as if he were a master thief in the midst of night catching them asleep and very unaware.

The story is a fine one. It is very real. They all want to "advise" him. It is them that need be advised by him. One once said "he has more friends then he deserves". That is not true at all.

He has more unfriendlies then he should because they know they are not in control and their own lust for power eats upon their corpse of their very souls.


{The One remains balanced and resolute}

 Quoting: Ice Station Zebra 1368794

He's going the distance....he's built for speed...he's all alone.........if he comes to court, would anyone care?......the dark ones still torture and stalk....still working his mom into having a nervous breakdown: and that is where "mercilessness" becomes the only appropriate response for the surveillance......God knows now, it is time for mercilessness for those who have it coming.....God does not want to interfere but will have to....this nobody had a divine plan subverted by Cheney and the shameless pathetic obedience by those wi badges to the irrational authority figures....this was proof that mankind cannot rise above this darkness wo help and the
inevitable intervention.......

I don't think anyone doubts now...election night....that Obama is the antichrist spirit.....and the ptb decided on Obama.....Romney was not evil enough....but Obama is......he is the great deceiver....antichrist kills the two witnesses (2 nobodies)......
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